Michael + Stephanie | Burgundy Basin

Married August 13th, 2016

Who else met their significant other in high school? Not me, but these two did! High school sweethearts are some of the sweetest couples I've ever met. They've know each other for years and years and most are each other's first loves. What is any sweeter than that? Michael and Stephanie both met at the same high school I went too! When they first got engaged I was hoping they might reach out to me and it so happens that I photographed one of their bridal party's senior portraits the same summer they got engaged. 

Their venue was taken place at the Burgundy Basin and although the forecast wasn't on their side, everything turned out perfectly! They were the only wedding that weekend and the venue was kind enough to move them inside... WITH AIR CONDITIONING! It was a very hot and humid August day, so I'm sure all the guests were thrilled, I sure know I was happy! Luckily the bridal party was okay with taking some pictures outside when it cleared up a bit. As soon as we came back inside, it down poured! It just missed us. Before I left I knew the bride and groom really wanted some more time of just them, so I asked the flower girl to come get me when the rain stopped. We brought out a couple of cute clear umbrellas and ventured outside! The best part of a chance of rain is the beautiful overcast! We got some amazing bridal portraits and the light rain didn't bother them at all. It was also Justine (Stephanie's matron of honor) + Michael's (groomsman) 2nd anniversary in a few days so I snuck them outside for a 5 minute anniversary session!

Congratulations Michael + Stephanie!!! I'm so happy I was a part of your special day. 
CLICK HERE to view their Lower Falls engagement session.