Alyssa | Fallbrook + Oswego Marina

Besides when I took my younger brother's senior portraits back in the summer of 2014, this was my first senior who I knew as a tiny little baby. I grew up knowing her older sister and even spent some time at their house during play dates. Alyssa and I ran out of time last summer because of her busy schedule, BUT we ended up having time in May to set up a session! I've never taken senior portraits a couple of weeks before they graduate, but I actually really loved she was nearing the end of her senior year. It was a bitter sweet session for her and her best friend, Samira, who you will see featured in a few images! I'm so happy you both came to Oswego and I hope you enjoyed your paninis from Port City!

I wish you the best of luck at DePaul University in Chicago and can't wait to see what you do in the future (: