Kershaw Park - Finger Lakes Engagement Session | Tyler + Erin

This past year has been such a roller coaster for me. From moving to a new location and making the transition to solely focus on my own business, it's been a crazy ride. In addition to that, my friend for the past 13 years got engaged!!! We've been friends since we met each other in our 6th grade English class, so this engagement session was extra special to me! The countless amounts of sleepovers, shopping trips and family vacations, I've been through everything with this girl! Tyler, Erin and their dog, Piper, met me in Canandaigua to take some pictures (which is also the location of where they will be getting married next September.) I'm so excited for 2017 to get here and I really hope you both enjoy all your images. 

Congratulations Tyler + Erin!!! I'm so excited for your wedding day to get here!