Every single wedding collection I offer includes a complimentary engagement session. This is because I believe they are just as important as your wedding day + every couple should have this experience. Engagement sessions are more intimate and stress free. We have all the time in the world to hang out and take photos together. No crazy family members trying to pull you away from me or guests asking you to take a photo with you… it’s just US!!! We can talk about locations, outfits and ideas. Every couple has a different love story so after I get to know you we can create the perfect session for you both.


Learn how I shoot!

Get comfortable + have professional images in your normal attire. Now you know what to expect on your wedding day!




That completely depends on who you are as a couple. More outdoorsy, adventurous couples I recommend a local park or somewhere near the water. Couples who prefer more architecture may like something downtown. Taking a look at my blog may give you some ideas too. Ask what’s personal to you as a couple… give me a list and I’ll help!!!


I recommend 2 outfits... one more dressy and one more casual. You can bring extras if you are unsure about an outfit choice. CLICK HERE for outfit tips!!! Pro tip: book your wedding makeup trial the same day as your engagement session + have a date night together after the session is over!


My typical turnaround time for a session is 2-3 weeks. I’ll also blog your session so you have something to share with your friends/family. You will get around 30-50 edits with a print release, which you can digitally download and print on your own. If you want an album of your engagement session to use as a guest book, it will be an additional charge.

Where should I print my images?

I highly recommend printing from Mpix. Please avoid Shutterfly and pay the extra money to get QUALITY prints.


You’ll have the option to reschedule, but I may have very limited dates available. I do have a couple of clear umbrellas if you want to embrace the rain. Certain locations also have semi-covered spots too. If the weather is too hot or cold, I will reach out to you with other dates I have free.


Choosing your date + venue is obviously a necessity and soon to follow I recommend booking your wedding photographer (hopefully me) and your DJ!!! We book 1-2 years in advanced so our dates go fast. I’m fully booked for 2020 and it’s not even the new year yet. You also want to find your perfect dress at least 9 months before your wedding day. The best hair/makeup artists go fast as well and they typically book 1-1.5 years in advance. Here’s a list of my preferred vendors I love working with: Preferred Vendors

Pro tip: Ladies with summer + fall weddings… be sure to avoid tan lines that will show in your wedding dress. This also goes for your MOH and bridesmaids. Longer hair will help hide them, but it’s a major eye sore.


This is YOUR day

I’m here for you every step of the way


— getting ready —

The start of the wedding day is always a mixture of feelings. Your excited for the day to start and the best part is you’ll be with your favorite people in the world. There’s something about getting ready with your bridesmaids and groomsmen that makes the day so much better.



Choosing a well lit is key. The more natural light, the better! Try keeping all of your things in one area so the room does look to messy or cluttered.


LADIES! Remember to keep your wedding bands with you. That way I can get pretty pictures of them. Bringing along your wedding invitations and a pretty hanger!


Aim to be done with your hair/makeup around the time I arrive. I typically start with details so you’ll have a 15-30 minute window til I’ll need you!


For the Groom

Aim to have at least you and your best man partly dressed by the time I arrive. This means tux/suit bottoms on and your under shirt!



Whether you decide to do a first look or not, consider doing them with your bridesmaids or father. Not everyone wants to do a first look, BUT if you want to read more about them I wrote a helpful blog post on the topic. Take a few minutes to see if a first look is right for you!!! CLICK HERE to read more. If you decide on doing a first look I recommend starting it at least 2.5 hours before the ceremony. That way you have some down time before your ceremony starts.

why I LOVE first looks:


improves timeline

DUH, this is the obvious answer. Now you can get a majority of your photos done before your ceremony even starts. You can be PRESENT at your cocktail hour and not feel rushed to take all your photos during that time.

more intimate

Walking down the aisle seeing each other for the first time is a beautiful thing, BUT besides a glance and a smile you can’t really soak in the moment. First looks allow you to hug, kiss, and talk to one another.

bye bye nerve

Some couples are the most nervous until they are with one another. The nerves go away sooner and you are together with each other longer. First looks allow you to be with each other 2-3 hours more on your wedding day.


I mean, come on!!!

Why wouldn’t you want to have this?!


— ceremony —

The most important thing is lighting!!! Where will the sun be during your ceremony start time?! Will the ceremony be in a shaded area? Will your guests will be comfortable and able to see you? We can’t all get a perfect overcast day so be aware of the lighting. For mid-day ceremony with harsh lighting, it is better for the sun to be behind your altar. That way the sun’s harsh lighting would leave crazy shadows on your faces for the photos. For indoor ceremonies, try to avoid placing the altar right in front of a window unless your venue has good lighting. You don’t want to be a black blob and have your guests be perfectly lit. Take to your venue to see where other couples have their ceremonies and if you are unsure… just ask me! I try to avoid using my flash for all my ceremonies because they are very distracting.


Go Unplugged!!!

See NO cell phones… freakin’ magical! I promise it makes a huge difference.

Last, but not least…. GO UNPLUGGED!!! Unplugged ceremonies allow your guests live in the moment and witness your vows without the distraction of cell phones, cameras, or iPads. Also, seeing a bunch of cell phones in photos isn’t the same as having everyone watching you marry your best friend. You don’t need a fancy sign, just have your officiant announce it before starting the ceremony.



Before you go into your cocktail, have your MOH bustle your dress (that way no one steps on you.) Depending on when the sun sets, I may want to pull you away for some golden hour portraits. You can say no, but please don’t…. they will be insanely beautiful. We can take as little or as much time as you want. I highly recommend doing your first dance as you walk into the reception during your bridal party entrances. This way all the attention is on you two. The parent dances are a great transition to start up the party after dinner is finished.


dinner time

Please be sure to talk to your venue + feed your vendors after the bridal party. We need time to eat and should be done the same time you are. We don’t want to miss anything important.


Consider requesting uplighting from your DJ. I promise it makes a huge difference in transforming your reception space. Just no crazy party light for the first dance, please + thank you.


Work on your dip!

I promise… every dip kiss or twirl you do will be applauded. Guests eat that stuff up and if you hear glasses clinging… it means to kiss!