Connor | Fallbrook

This senior might look familiar to you if you have been following my work. I first met Connor during prom season when I did photographed him with his gorgeous girlfriend! This time he was just dressed a little bit different. We met at Fallbrook and took some regular photos at first and then had a little more fun! Connor loves football so we had to get some shots of him in his uniform. My favorite part of the session was when we were also ending and Connor asked if he could take some with his truck. I've never had a senior want to do this before, nor do I photograph cars or trucks regularly so I was excited to try something completely out of my wheelhouse (pun not intended). We had a great time and Connor's mom was able to take one of my favorite behind the scenes pictures. If you follow me on Instagram (( @jill_studio )) you will definitely remember it! Thanks for meeting with me again and I look forward to your family session this fall!