I’m a wedding + portrait photographer based in the Rochester area, which means great food, scenic parks, and beautiful sunset views of Lake Ontario (and I'm definitely not complaining). I'm also a graphic designer and artist that loves catching up on my favorite TV shows and trying out new places to eat. Obsessed with: Target, TJ Maxx, Thai food, Starbucks frappuccinos, and my sweet fur babes, Mochi + Leo.  READ ON FOR MORE!

"Being a photographer is more than just taking a picture. It's about capturing a moment in time and seeing the beauty in everything. Every shutter I click allows you to see the world through my eyes."

Most days, you’ll find me in yoga pants or a dress (I know... complete opposites) working on the couch with my sweet fur babes to my side. I’m a photographer that specializes in weddings and portraits, but in my free time I love traveling and finding the best spots to eat. I grew up in a small town outside of Rochester, NY and lived in Oswego for several years during college. GO LAKERS! There I found my love for photography and haven't looked back since! In order for me to function properly, I need a daily nap and a black coffee with two sugars. It's almost impossible for me to fall asleep before midnight, so don't be alarmed if you receive an email at 1 am (I focus way better at night time). I'm an INFJ personality type, so it's easy for me to make connections with others and genuinely care about those I work with. (Fun Fact: Morgan Freeman is also an INFJ).

My photography style? It’s natural, real, and authentic. I absolutely love working with people, keeping it light, fun, and memorable. My main focus is getting to know the real you so I can capture those precious candid moments. My editing style? Three words... Bright, crisp and vibrant! I believe knowing how to edit an image is just important to knowing how to take a picture. That's why any picture you receive from me will be professionally edited by this girl. Staying close with my clients and developing a friendship is a huge reason why I love using social media. Years from now, I want you to look back and remember all of those memories from your experience working with me. 

I'm currently based in the Rochester area, but travel all over Upstate NY + beyond! Please don’t hesitate to contact me. We can get to know each other and figure out if I’m the right photographer for you.


my guy

This is my boyfriend, Tony. We met online, more specifically… Plenty of Fish! He is a talented chef and major foodie that loves Old Navy and the Philadelphia Eagles. We are definitely homebodies, I blame the pets for that. We’d much rather be laying low and watching our favorite shows… Survivor + Hell’s Kitchen! Tony dreams about getting on Survivor one day.



I’m a foodie that loves just about everything!!! When we have time to travel, finding the best food is our main goal. We love going out to eat so if you need help finding a great spot, we are your people. I also have a caffeine addiction. I spend an ungodly amount of money at Starbucks + Ugly Duck. FUN FACT: Our favorite restaurants are Agatina’s + Next Door


fur babes

LEO + MOCHI… my two fur children who I’m obsessed with. Leo is my editing buddy and always keeps me company when I’m doing work. He loves stuffless toys + chasing his sissy. Mochi is my sweet girl who loves playing with string and begging for Jumbo stuffed Temptation treats. You will see them all over my Instagram!


a little more about me:

  • TEAM CAT, but also love dogs.

  • I have horrible vision… I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 12.

  • I’m a proud member of Bachelor Nation.

  • I’m addicted to PEZ candies… cherry being my absolute fav.

  • I put chips in my sandwiches.

  • I enjoy doing laundry… it’s relaxing to me. Call me weird.

  • I could eat Thai food every single day.

  • I own no Apple products. Nada. And I’m proud of it.

  • Titanic is my all-time favorite movie.

  • My chicken wings MUST be crispy and I only eat the flat ones.

  • I’m terrified of clowns… just typing that gave me the chills.

  • Ireland + Iceland…. my #1 and #2 place I desire to visit.

  • I own more dresses than shirts. 100+ last time I counted.