Justin + Alexa | Ontario, NY

(Featuring Olivia + Lincoln)

Not many people think of this when it comes to a gift idea, but Alexa, Justin and Olivia completely think like me! One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone is updated pictures! Alexa reached out to me to taken some pictures of her and her beautiful sister to give to their mom for mother's day. Then we also took some of her and her boyfriend, Justin, to give to his mom for mother's day. What's super smart about this gift is now they all have new pictures to display around their new home together! I also was fortunate to meet their pup, Lincoln. I follow Lincoln on Instagram so I couldn't wait to take some pictures with his mommy and daddy. I had so much fun exploring your backyard with you guys and Olivia... you better stay in touch because I definitely would love for you to be a future senior model rep for me!!!