Black Creek Park - Rochester Couples Session | Matt + Jennifer


It’s been a wonderful winter and with the first day of Spring right around the corner (cough cough… 12 days) AND daylights saving…. I’m pretty excited!!! I’ve missed the warmer weather and longer days of sunshine!! I think I started my winter mini session deal a little late, but I’m so happy my super talented hair stylist, Jennifer, wanted to join in. This lovely lady and her boyfriend, Matt, met me at a beautiful park over on the west side of Rochester. They have been together FOREVER so I’m glad they decided to get photos together at this point in their lives. You don’t even know how many emails I get saying… “Jill, I can’t wait to get married… I just want photos done by you.” Well…. luckily for you, I do more than just weddings and engagements! I photograph couples all the time! AND families, newborns, high school seniors and boudoir! I’m not engaged and I LOVE getting photos done with my boyfriend. We have a couple sessions already set up for this year with different photographers so why should you have to wait?! Thanks again for meeting with me last weekend and I hope you print out a ton of these in your home together!!!