Fallbrook + Flat Rocks - Syracuse Engagement Session | Matt + Tiffany

With winter around the corner, weather is always so unpredictable for my November sessions. One day it could be 50 degrees and gorgeous.... and the next 20 degrees and freezing cold. Matt and Tiffany were complete troopers for their session because there was a high of 24 degrees and winds up to 30 mph. I'm glad you brought along a blanket to stay cozy in some of your pictures, but I must say.... the cooler weather made their sessions EXTRA special. When I left from the Rochester area to drive to Oswego I had a couple inches of snow on my car. As I got closer to Oswego, I noticed they didn't get much of anything (which made me a little sad because snow makes stunning photos.) The special surprise for them was walking around down by Lake Ontario and finding little icicles everywhere. IT WAS MAGICAL!!!! And we only found them because the white caps were taking over the flat rocks so we had to explore else where. This helps remind me that everything doesn't always go as planned, but some times that leads us to find something even better!!! Congratulations you two and I can't wait to see you again at Wolf Oak Acres in August!