Watkins Glen State Park + Shequaga Falls - Finger Lakes Proposal | Zach + Natasha


It’s not all the time I get an email from someone asking me to photograph a proposal! This was only my second time being involved in someone proposing, so I was excited and eager on my drive from Rochester to Watkins Glen. Zach saw an engagement session I did last year online and I was lucky enough for him to select me to do this thoughtful idea. When I arrived to the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel, my duty was to pretend to be a tour guide for them. Zach + Natasha live out of state so it was the perfect idea so I could tag along in their adventures. We started at Watkins Glen State Park and since the snow decided to start earlier than normal, we weren’t able to get into the trails. The lower gorges are pretty amazing though and once no one was around I said the code phrase so Zach knew the spot was just right. He handed Natasha a little anniversary gift… the reason why they were on a getaway trip together. She opened the gift and seconds later Zach was down on one knee!!! She was so excited and all I remember her saying was, “FINALLY!!!! It’s about time!!!” Zach showed her the ornament he custom ordered for this special occasion and she didn’t see that it said, "Our first Christmas ENGAGED.” After taking a few more pictures, we drove to Shequaga Falls and celebrated with some sparkling wine. Thank you so much for having me be a part of this special day and I wish you the best for your wedding planning!!! Congratulations Zach + Natasha!!!!!