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Wayland | Bear Creek

A couple weeks right before this past Mother's Day I received a message from a familiar face. Alaina and I played soccer together in high school, but I haven't seen her in a few years. I was so excited that she wanted to give her mom a gift certificate for a family portrait session! Later in July we finally met up when all of the family was in the area and we went to Bear Creek in Ontario, NY. 

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Alyssa | Fallbrook + Oswego Marina

Besides when I took my younger brother's senior portraits back in the summer of 2014, this was my first senior who I knew as a tiny little baby. I grew up knowing her older sister and even spent some time at their house during play dates. Alyssa and I ran out of time last summer because of her busy schedule, BUT we ended up having time in May to set up a session! 

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